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Alison is an e-learning website where you can access lots of courses in interesting subjects. They are a great way to enhance your knowledge and skills in the area you want to work in. All courses are aimed at increasing the likelihood of you gaining sustainable employment or getting some new skills if you are already working. The courses are designed so that they can be worked through at a time and pace that suits you.

All of the courses are free – all you need is an account to access them. You will need to provide basic details (name, email address and password) to create an account and once you have your login details, you can access courses on all kinds of subject matter.

The variety of courses and levels available are vast, offering personal development opportunities in different areas such as finance, business, IT skills, music, leisure, languages, health, science, construction, art, psychology, management, finance, computing and many, many more.

With a massive choice of subjects at your fingertips there are no limits to what or how much you can learn.

Here are some suggested courses to get you started.

Introduction to Job search skills
Speaking and writing English effectively
Building an online business

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What our customers say


“ I’m delighted to be working again thanks to the help of my PA. While I fulfilled my responsibilities in relation to the tasks I was assigned while with Turas Nua, the support and advice I received there gave me the confidence to pursue and find a job at this late stage in my working life. ”



“ It is a great feeling to finally be back working and a productive member of society. All those years unemployed were very dis-heartening and depressing but you convinced someone to give me a chance. I am very thankful and appreciate the work of Turas Nua. ”



“ I'm very grateful to my PA and the team for all the valuable advice & insights they've given me in my two stints at Turas Nua. I learned a lot about constructing my CV to sell my talents to get myself noticed, I improved my preparation & interview skills and I gained confidence. ”